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Master the art of C# programming with our Comprehensive C# Programming Course. This dynamic course caters to all levels, from beginners taking their first steps in programming to experienced developers seeking to fine-tune their skills. You'll delve deep into C# syntax, data types, and essential programming constructs, building a solid foundation. The course then progresses into Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles, including classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. Explore the powerful integration of C# with the .NET Framework, harnessing its extensive class library to create feature-rich applications. GUI development using Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is covered, enabling you to craft visually stunning and user-friendly applications. Additionally, learn database integration to efficiently manage data-driven applications. Debugging and testing techniques ensure code correctness and reliability. Expert instructors, hands-on projects, and flexible scheduling make this course an exceptional learning experience. Earn a certificate upon completion and unlock exciting career opportunities as a proficient C# programmer.

Course Content

  • Overview of C# and its history
  • Understanding the .NET framework
  • Installing Visual Studio and setting up the development environment
  • Hello World! - Your first C# program
C# Basics
  • Data types and variables
  • Operators and expressions
  • Control flow statements (if, else, switch)
  • Loops (for, while, do-while, foreach)
  • Arrays and collections
  • Working with strings
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in C#
  • Classes and objects
  • Constructors and destructors
  • Properties and fields
  • Methods and functions
  • Inheritance and polymorphism
  • Interfaces and abstract classes
  • Encapsulation, abstraction, and modularity
Exception Handling
  • Understanding exceptions
  • try-catch blocks
  • Handling multiple exceptions
  • Custom exceptions
File I/O and Serialization
  • Reading from and writing to files
  • Working with directories
  • Serialization and deserialization of objects
Working with Databases
  • Introduction to ADO.NET
  • Connecting to databases
  • Executing queries
  • Working with datasets and data readers
Advanced C# Concepts
  • Delegates and events
  • Lambda expressions
  • Generics
  • Nullable types
  • Asynchronous programming with async/await
Introduction to Windows Forms
  • Creating a basic Windows Forms application
  • Working with controls (buttons, text boxes, labels, etc.)
  • Handling events in Windows Forms
Introduction to WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • Understanding XAML
  • Creating a simple WPF application
  • Working with WPF controls
Working with APIs
  • HTTP basics
  • Consuming APIs in C#
  • Serializing and deserializing JSON data
Introduction to ASP.NET
  • Overview of ASP.NET
  • Creating a basic web application
  • Working with ASP.NET controls
  • Handling user input and forms
  • Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
Database Integration with ASP.NET
  • Connecting to databases
  • Executing queries and commands
  • Working with Entity Framework
Security in C# and ASP.NET
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Securing web applications
  • Protecting against common security threats
Deploying C# Applications
  • Creating setup and deployment packages
  • Deploying web applications to IIS
  • Understanding the freelancing industry and its benefits
  • Exploring different freelancing platforms and marketplaces
  • Crafting an effective freelancer profile
  • Showcasing skills, experience, and portfolio
  • Strategies for finding and attracting clients
  • Effective communication and negotiation skills
  • Writing compelling proposals and bids
  • Building a reputation and client referrals
  • Setting rates and pricing your services

After successfully completing the course, students will be awarded a certificate of completion

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